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Amidst Nature

Gitanjali Forest Retreat would undoubtedly give you the best views in the locales of Purulia. Completely surrounded by the ranges of the renowned Ajodhya Hills, witness the best sunrise and sunset from the Land of Dhamsha Maadol.
Get the best experience of the wild soul of Purulia, with the lullaby of different singing birds, the sounds of peacocks, and the beautiful landscape of Purulia. Choose the best offbeat location in Purulia and make memories of a lifetime at Gitanjali Forest Retreat.

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Gitanjali Forest Retreat room
Gitanjali Forest Retreat room
Gitanjali Forest Retreat rooms

Food With
Wild Touch

Welcome to The Ashoka restaurant. With our offbeat location, you can also experience the unique cuisine of Purulia and get a taste of tribal delicacies like Bamboo chicken, Chicken Chaarpa, and many more. Apart from extremely tasty tribal delicacies, you can find a varied range of food in our kitchen. From Indian cuisine, Tandoori, Chinese, and Bengali cuisine, everything is there on the platter for your service. So from breakfast to dinner, enjoy delicious food with breathtaking views.

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About Gitanjali Forest Retreat

Are you tired of the chaos of the city and want to spend some peaceful time with your soul? Then Gitanjali Forest Retreat is the right place for you in the heart of Purulia. The central part of Ajodhya Hills these days is too much crowded and you won’t be able to enjoy the beautiful views of the ranges from your rooms. But here in Gitanjali Forest Retreat., we promise with the best views of the Ajodhya range surrounding our property.


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